Walk In Tubs: When to Make the Switch

Walk In Tubs

Walk in tubs allow users with physical limitations to bathe comfortably and safely. They allow users to step directly into their tub and relax in warm, soothing water – without having to crawl over potentially hazardous barriers. Water collects and drains the same way it does in a traditional tub – but users bring the water to them, rather than bringing themselves to the water.

Even though the modified tubs allow mobility-impaired users to enjoy luxuries that were previously inaccessible, some users are hesitant to replace their traditional bathroom setup. It’s difficult to come to terms with physical limitations – especially those that challenge independence. But sometimes, accepting these limitations allows people to make changes that actually increase their ability to complete their activities of daily living.

So when is it time to start seriously considering the switch? Many consumers turn to walk in tubs when:

  • They find themselves exerting major physical effort to lower themselves into a traditional tub
  • Their balance becomes shaky – especially on slick or slippery surfaces
  • Their knees feel too weak to support their weight while standing up from a reclined bathing position
  • They develop health conditions that necessitate the use of a wheelchair
  • They have muscle spasms or joint pain that could benefit from hydrotherapy, but they’ve long since given up on the idea of traditional bathing
  • They’ve experienced previous slip-and-fall incidents in their bathroom (along with a painful, costly rehabilitation process)
  • They currently have a chair nestled inside of their bathtub, but worry that it’ll slide around during use
  • Their other options include assisted living facilities or home healthcare aides

If any of these situations sound familiar, it may be time to start thinking about making the switch. It’s not an overly costly or time-consuming process, and it can add a significant level of security to the bathing experience.

If you’re ready to look into walk in tubs, a contractor in your area can help you learn more about their mobility-friendly options.