Walk In Showers

Walk In ShowersAs homeowners age, it sometimes becomes necessary to make modifications for physical limitations. One such modification is a walk in shower. Simple, stylish, and significantly safer than standard tubs, walk in showers are incredibly popular among homeowners of all ages and ability levels.

With an entry that’s right at or just above the rest of the bathroom floor, these showers are the single easiest bathing system to enter. Even if you’re dealing with a physical condition that challenges your mobility, balance, or flexibility, you’ll be able to step – or roll – straight in. And because barrier free shower users don’t have to swing themselves over a tub or get up and down from the floor, your risk of slipping and falling in one is almost non-existent.

When the stalls are outfitted with transfer bars and non-skid flooring, walk in showers are safe for anyone – regardless of their physical abilities. No matter who visits your home – or how your health changes in the future – you’ll feel secure knowing that your purchase will meet a variety of unique needs.

We build our single piece walk in shower surrounds to order. With an extensive database of popular low-barrier and barrier-free shower models, we can create a perfect system for every homeowner. In most cases, we can even convert your old tub to a step in shower without making changes to your walls or plumbing.

Additional customization is easy. We can install your choice of safety and convenience accessories, and complete your walk in baths with more than a dozen colors or textures. The acrylic that we use is even protected from shower flaws such as:

  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Rust
  • Peeling

Ready to make the switch to a step in shower? Our teams can help you start the customization process. Just fill out this form, and our representatives will call you as soon as possible to discuss the pricing on our secure walk in showers.