Walk In Bathtubs

Walk in Bathtubs

If traditional bathtubs require too much effort to get into but you can’t get yourself to relax in a stand-up shower, walk in bathtubs may bring you the best of both worlds. These low-barrier tubs are a far more accessible option for users who aren’t ready to give up the luxuries of a traditional tub, but don’t want to risk painful falls.

With a hinged door in the front and a seated interior design, you don’t need to balance or step over obstacles to enter the tub.  You only need to take a single step a few inches off the floor before enjoying the calming sensation of a warm, full-body soak in your safe bath.

Our ADA compliant walk in bathtubs come in several sizes to accommodate various physical needs. You can customize them even further by requesting additional safety and convenience features, such as:

  • Hand rails and/or grab bars for easy entry and exit
  • Foot pedestals for additional stability
  • Centrally located shelves (to eliminate the need to reach for products)

Especially popular among seniors and mobility-limited adults who live alone, these safe tub options have made independent bathing accessible again. Users with arthritis, muscle spasms, or other conditions that make transferring to a conventional tub especially risky can also benefit from the unique design. The slip-resistant flooring provides an even more secure experience.

If you’re ready to bring the luxury of full-body bathing back to your bathroom, click here to connect with the walk in bathtubs dealer nearest you.