Tub to Shower Conversion in Minneapolis, MN

Tub to Shower Conversion - MinneapolisYour Minneapolis bathroom should be a safe and secure sanctuary – not wasted space. If your bathtubs have been going unused for fear of a slip and fall accident, our tub to shower conversion services can help you create a far more user-friendly environment.

In just one to two days, our conversion team can transform your tub into a shower that’s easily accessible for everyone in your home – whether they’re elderly, disabled, or just looking for a simpler way to relax. With our bathtub conversions and walk in tub systems, you’re guaranteeing that nothing ever stands between you and a safe, refreshing bathing experience.

  • Never again will you have to swing your achy legs over the side of a tub and hope you won’t fall, thanks to the low-barrier shower entry.
  • With the addition of convenient seating, you won’t have to crouch down to a cold tile floor and pull yourself up when you’re done bathing.
  • Best yet, with secure shower rails, you’ll never have to lean on un-anchored structures for support. (Grab rails are also available to add to our custom tub liners and shower inserts.)

These tub to shower conversion benefits are especially valuable for homeowners with mobility limitations. Our handicap shower stalls are easily accessible by both wheelchairs and walkers, and most people can transfer into them without assistance. Even if you’re still mobile but beginning to worry about your future in your home, a bathtub conversion can ensure your future independence.

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