Tub Liners, Tub Inserts, and Other Acrylic Solutions for Old and Outdated Baths

Tub LinersIf you’re looking to upgrade your old or outdated bathtubs, few solutions are as convenient as custom tub liners. Any imaginable flaw – from dirty grout to cracked porcelain – can be permanently covered by one of our custom veneers. And at Tubliners Direct, we guarantee every liner for life. Our low-maintenance American acrylic will never crack or fade, and our time-tested installation techniques will keep your insert secure as long as you own your home. We’re here to help you make the last tub purchase you’ll ever have to make!

As a full-service bathtub remodeling team, Tubliners Direct can help you with any type of renovation you have in mind. Over the past 20 + years, we’ve helped homeowners use tub liners to solve a wide range of problems, including:

  • Outdated bathtubs
  • Moldy or mildewed tub surfaces
  • Cracked or dirty grout
  • Chipped tiles or peeling porcelain

If you’re dealing with issues such as these, there’s truly no need to replace your entire bathtub. Instead, tub liners and shower liners can give you the new bath aesthetic you have in mind, without the hassles of construction. You’ll enjoy a pristine new tub surface, in your choice of contemporary designs, at a surprisingly affordable price.

Our short, sweet installation process requires just four to eight hours of labor – significantly less than you’d need for a complete tub replacement. (The job typically only requires one contractor, rather than an entire crew.) And because tub liners are custom-formed to fit right over the existing tub, you won’t have to pay for messy demolition work. You’ll see results right away, and can begin enjoying your newly renovated tub the following morning.

At Tubliners Direct, you’ll even be able to customize your tub liners to match any type of decor. Mix and match color schemes, tile and stone finishes, and designer accessories to create the perfect bath insert for your family’s home.

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