Tub Liners for Your Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, or Champaign, IL Home

Tub Liners Peoria IL

Is your Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield, or Champaign IL home in desperate need of some TLC? Tub liners can help you avoid the hassle of bathroom construction, and give you the visible results you’ve been wanting. In just one day, our tub liner installation team can give you a full upgrade for your old, outdated, or heavily worn tub.

Our replacement bathtub liners are far more convenient than replacing your tub in its entirety. For instance, with our tub liners, demolition workers don’t have to tear through walls or haul away heavy fixtures. You won’t need to hire contractors to re-route your pipes or patch gaps in your floor.  We’ll simply secure a custom-formed acrylic veneer of the top of your old tub, and you’ll have gorgeous results in as little as four to eight hours.

We can complete the services in just four to eight hours. However, the detail-oriented pre-installation process makes the end result look like a labor-intensive renovation.

  • Our teams use custom measurements from your existing setup to find a perfect match in our tub liners database.
  • Once we have a model, we’ll vacuum-form a single sheet of glossy acrylic into your new liner. We use your choice of colors or patterns, and add accessories like soap dishes and hand rails.
  • We handle every step in our own manufacturing facility, ensuring that every project gets the attention it deserves. Whether you want something sleek and modern or simple and classic, we’ll help you design the right tub liners for your home.

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