Tub and Shower Liners in Ocala, FL

Tub and Shower Liners - OcalaFor time and cost-conscious homeowners in Ocala, Fl, tub and shower liners make bathroom renovations much more palatable. Because the liners go directly over the top of existing features, homeowners don’t have to deal with the hassles of extensive remodeling.

We’ve developed a streamlined installation process that involves as little construction as possible. We don’t make any changes to your plumbing, flooring, or walls. Instead, we simply secure your liner over your old fixture.

In most cases, our factory-trained bathroom remodeling contractors can have your new bathroom set up within a day. Once the adhesive is dry, it’s ready to use.

Tub and shower liners can cover up essentially any aesthetic damage on your existing tub. Mold, stains, and dents all disappear under a smooth new cover. You choose the final look from a wide palette of options, including:

  • Sandshell Beige
  • Alaskan Ivory
  • Calcutta Gold

We never compromise on quality. We make our replacement bathtub and shower systems in our own manufacturing facility. Each system is custom-formed from extra-thick American acrylic, then finished with an anti-microbial treatment. Our liners and walk in tub models are durable enough not to crack or fade with routine use.

Our bathtub lining services are available throughout the entire north Florida region, including Gainesville, The Villages, and St. Augustine. If you’d like a free quote for tub and shower liners for your Ocala-area home, enter your contact information here.