Tub Liners – Lansing, MI

Tub Liners - Lansing

If you’re considering a bathtub remodeling project for your Lansing area home, Tubliners Direct can provide you with tub liners, shower liners, and other convenient solutions. Our custom bath products will provide essential upgrades – without extensive construction.

Tearing out an original tub often involves cutting through walls, chipping away at tile, and patching up paint. Plumbing systems must be adjusted before a new bathtub can be used, bringing to the total installation to a week or more.

With our acrylic inserts, however, these procedures are unnecessary. We install our tub liners directly over the old bathtub using only a few tools and an adhesive. There’s minimal debris to get rid of, and the impact to the structure of the walls and floors is extremely minimal. Even with a walk in tub, our licensed contractors are even able to re-purpose your old tub’s original plumbing and hardware, so even fewer adjustments are necessary to complete the installation.

Our tub liners can function just like a replacement bathtub. Long-lasting and stain-resistant, they’re a perfect solution for bathtub problems such as:

  • Peeling surfaces
  • Blackened grout
  • Engrained dirt marks
  • Chipped porcelain or rusty metal

If you’d like to further explore our tub liners for your Lansing, DeWitt, Haslett or Holt area home, use the form on this page to get a quote from your local bathtub remodeling professionals.