Tub Liners – Kansas City

Tub Liners - Kansas CityWouldn’t it be nice to soak away your stress in your Kansas City home? Our tub liners can transform your outdated, off-putting bathroom into a welcoming retreat. In as little as one day, a custom tub liner can make even the dingiest, most unattractive tub into one you’ll be excited to use.

It doesn’t matter if your current tub is moldy, cracked, or even rusted over; our bath and shower liners can make it look as fresh as it did the very first day it was installed. But unlike tub refinishing, which lasts a few years at best, our liners are a lifelong solution. Using permanent adhesives, we’ll secure your new liner into place, so that you’ll be able to enjoy your beautiful new bath for the entire life of your home.

There’s no construction involved, and there’s no mess left in your home. As soon as your tub liners are place, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a brand new replacement bathtub.

  • The acrylic finish is smooth, glossy, and free from any blemishes.
  • The attractive new design (in your choice of colors and granite patterns) updates the room’s décor.
  • Tile or stone etchings add artistic feel (but without any maintenance).
  • The custom accessories – from seating to storage – make sure all of your bathing needs are met.

Our expert installation guarantees a leak-free adhesion, while our custom molding process ensures that your bath and shower liners are a perfect fit. And our extended range of services – from installing walk in tubs to coordinating tub to shower conversion projects – ensure that you find the perfect new bath for your home.

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