Tub Liners are an Affordable Bathroom Renovation for Your Chattanooga, TN Home

Tub Liners Chattanooga TN

If you avoid using the bathtubs in your Chattanooga, TN home, it may be time to consider tub liners. Cracked tiles, unsightly mold, deep-set stains, and other types of tub damage can devalue your Tennessee home, but it’s not always necessary (or practical!) to buy a completely new tub.

Here at Tubliners Direct, we offer custom acrylic inserts that can address these issues just as well as a brand new tub, but in a speedier and more convenient manner. Our replacement bathtub liners can help you avoid several common remodeling frustrations, including:

  • Extensive installation time – Our experienced contractors have the installation down to a scienceMost of our tub liners are installed in a single day.
  • Construction costs – We typically send one installation professional to handle the entire job. Tub liners don’t require changes to plumbing, flooring, or paint jobs, so there’s no need to contract with several independent specialists. Even if you opt to upgrade your traditional bath to a walk in tub, we’ll work to reduce the amount of actual labor that occurs in your home.
  • Future maintenance – It takes very little to keep your acrylic bath inserts looking new. They’re treated with anti-mold and anti-mildew compounds, and our non-porous materials don’t absorb stains.

Our durable acrylic liners cover aesthetic damages (and outdated designs) that can devalue your space if left unaddressed. We even guarantee our products – including our tub liners and tub to shower conversion kits – for life. You’ll never have to worry about your liners chipping, fading, scratching, or peeling.

To get in touch with our company’s Chattanooga, TN bathtub remodelers, simply enter your contact information on the side of this page. We’ll contact you with a custom price for our tub liners and bathtub inserts.