Transfer Shower

Transfer ShowerAdjusting to mobility restrictions can be a physically – and mentally – frustrating process. Over time, however, it’s possible to re-learn the essential activities of daily living. Unassisted bathing is perhaps the most monumental step – and with the installation of a specially designed transfer shower, it’s more achievable than you think.

Slightly more specialized than safety tubs, transfer showers feature assistance systems for handicapped users who rely on wheelchairs, walkers, or other assistive devices.

  • An unobstructed entryway allows users to roll directly into the stall. You’ll find that showering becomes much quicker and easier when you’re not maneuvering around a shower lip or swinging your legs over a tub ledge.
  • Anti-skid flooring offers traction for mobility aids. You’ll feel much more secure knowing that your device won’t slide out from under you mid-transfer.
  • Contoured benches are integrated into transfer tub or shower walls at a convenient low height. With routine use, it becomes second nature for you to angle your device next to the seating and slide across.
  • Transfer shower rails offer sturdier support than you’d find in a standard shower. Even if you prefer not to use them, simply knowing that reliable support is there when it counts helps remove some of the stress from the transfer procedure.
  • Side mounted taps keep the handicap shower controls at your fingertips, while handheld shower heads make the rinsing process much more convenient.

No matter what physical challenges you’re facing, we’ll help you design a transfer shower that accommodates them. Our company offers custom-placed security packages, a versatile selection of handicap shower designs, and a reliable lifetime warrantee on our remodeling contractor’s work. Just enter your information in the form at the left, and we’ll connect you with the accessible bath specialist nearest your home.