Shower Liners

Shower Liners

If your showers have lost their luster – but a complete replacement isn’t a practical solution – our acrylic shower liners can bring new life to your space. Our team of professional remodelers can help you regain that refreshing, spa-like feel you enjoyed when your shower was brand new – without the stress or expense of bathroom construction.

Made from a durable yet cost-effective acrylic, our attractive tub liners and shower inserts can cover any and all flaws on your existing bath – even the ones you’ve been trying to scrub away for months.

  • No project is too big or too small. From surface scratches to mold that’s creeping from the floors to the walls, our one day shower repair can make it a worry of the past.
  • No shower is too difficult to cover. We’ll create an exact replica with the same dimensions, and even use precise alignments so your drain and faucets can stay right where they are.
  • No design is out of reach. Whether you prefer timeless neutrals or elegant stone, we offer a wide selection of finishes to create your dream shower liners. Accessories – such as soap dishes, shower pedestals and corner seating – can even be built right in to your new shower’s walls.

When you choose Tubliners Direct as your source for shower remodeling, you’ll enjoy an impressive level of personal service. From the free initial consultation to the hand-customization of your new shower liner (and of course, the professional one-day installation), every single step is handled with the utmost care.

To connect with your local shower liners team, just fill out the form at the left. We’ll help you find the certified installation professional nearest your home.