Safety Tubs

Safety TubsSafety tubs are specially equipped to accommodate users with advanced physical needs. Elderly and disabled consumers benefit greatly from these tubs, as do those with mobility-restricting conditions (such as arthritis and ataxia).

Specially designed safety tubs generally feature a swinging door in the front, along with a lower-than-normal barrier. This allows users to enter without maneuvering around obstructions; it also eliminates the need for them to lower themselves into a floor-level tub. The improved accessibility makes even the most basic safety tub a more secure option for handicap bathrooms.

To further enhance their bathtime security, users can opt for several additional features, including:

  • Secured, non-moveable seats
  • Weight-bearing grab bars
  • Skid-proof mats or liners

Because these tubs reduce the risk of bathroom injury while increasing a user’s ability to bathe independently, they are often preferred by hospitals, hospice organizations and assisted living facilities. Additionally, they comply with the dimension and seating requirements set forth by the Americans with Disabilities Act, making them easily accessible by a wide range of users.

Private homeowners may also opt for an ADA bathtub. In many cases, these bath systems extend the time that patients can spend living independently in the comfort of their own home. Bathtubs with doors also provide a level of reassurance for loved ones who fear for an aging relative’s safety.

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