Choosing a Safe Tub: How Safe is Safe Enough?

Safe TubWhen you – or a loved one – begins to feel unsafe in the bathroom, it’s crucial to make accommodations before someone gets hurt. But it’s also important not to rush the decision! With so many safe tub systems to choose from, how do you know that the option you pick is safe enough?

The spectrum of bathtub renovations ranges from the simple to the complex. Something minor, like the addition of grab bars, may be sufficient if done correctly. Something a bit more extensive, however, may be necessary if you’re facing advanced physical limitations, or if different family members have their own distinct needs.

Let’s look at the three most common safe tub enhancements:

Safety Tub Accessories – Safety-oriented add-ons are the entry-level option for most homeowners. Grab bars, textured floor mats, shower chairs, and similar options are affordable and easy to find. (The latter two options are also easy to remove if you sell your home or have someone else use your tub.)

If you’re facing minor challenges – such as problems standing for long periods of time – safety accessories may offer enough assistance. However, if climbing in and out of the tub is what’s proving difficult, you may need a more accommodating renovation.

Tub Cut Outs – Safe tub cut outs are an intermediate service offered by many bathroom renovation companies. Your old tub remains in place, and a contractor chisels an entry-way in its front wall. (In some cases, the gap remains open; in others, a swinging door is installed.)

By having part of the wall removed, it’s easier (and safer) for users to get in and out of the tub. However, full-body bathing still requires users to lower themselves down to the floor. Without the addition of weight-supporting safety bars, this can be a significant challenge.

If you’re okay with bathing in just a few inches of water, this solution may work for your home. However, if your strength is not what it used to be, it may be smarter to find a tub that lets you soak without squatting down.

Safety Tub Replacement – While it’s the most “extensive” of the three renovations, it’s also the most impactful. By ditching your current tub for one that’s designed with your specific needs in mind, you get the most comprehensive overhaul. If you (or your loved ones) are facing moderate-to-severe chronic disabilities, handicapped bathtubs can ensure safe and independent bathing for as long as you own your home.

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