Replacement Bathtubs

Replacement BathtubsWhen old, frequently used bathtubs begin to show their age, homeowners are faced with the task of shopping for replacement bathtubs. At first, it can be fun to imagine how your space would look with a new set of fixtures. But as you calculate how pricey, messy, and time consuming a complete bathtub replacement is going to be, the fun seems to slip away. That’s when convenient alternatives – such as Tubliners Direct’s custom tub liners – become a welcome option.

Crafted from the same durable acrylic that many replacement bathtubs are made from, our tub liners give you the same feel as a brand new tub. With liners, however, you get to skip the tedious process of tearing out and replacing the complete system.

  • Even if your space is small (in the 50 to 80 square foot range), contractors won’t have to remove  your sink or toilet to haul the old tub away. With our tub liners, your old bathtub stays right where it is. We’ll create a custom insert that fits right over the top of existing bath!
  • Because we don’t have to pry the old tub away from the wall, there’s no damage to your floors or walls. You’re not left searching for replacement tiles (or paying for their installation!) During installation, we simply cement the new liner into place, eliminating any awkward gaps between the floor tiles and the new tub.
  • The existing plumbing configuration stays in place. If you live in an older home, where plumbers would need to upgrade your galvanized pipes to more modern copper pipes, eliminating this step from the bathtub replacement process can save you upwards of $2,000!

With years of tub replacement experience, our contractors can complete the transformation in as little as one day. And because our liners are guaranteed never to crack, chip, or peel, you’ll never have to worry about replacing your bathtub ever again!

Don’t put yourself through the unnecessary inconvenience of bathroom construction. Just let us know how to reach you using the form at the left, and we’ll call you to discuss alternatives to replacement bathtubs!