Negotiating Bathroom Remodeling Prices: Five Tips for Staying Under Budget

Negotiating Bathroom Remodeling PricesNegotiating is a fine art. Whether you’re trying to compromise with a boss, a spouse, or even a home renovation company, it’s a highly under-utilized way to get your needs met. While many homeowners feel hesitant to negotiate the prices on home modification services, it’s an efficient way to bring down your bathroom remodeling prices.

Don’t let yourself feel like you’re at the mercy of your contractor. Before hiring a company, empower yourself with the ability to know when and how to negotiate the prices to fit into your budget.

  • Do your homework. Get at least five bids on your job, so that you can get a clear picture of the market for your bathroom remodel. If one company’s bathroom remodeling prices seem outrageously high or low, throw them out as an outlier and consider the companies who are priced similarly.
  • Know how to bring down remodeling costs without sacrificing quality. You may not be able to negotiate a brand new bathtub down to half its retail price, but you may be able to get the same look through other, less costly products. For instance, if a team wants to charge you for a week-long tear-out process, suggest tub liners, which give a new bath feel without the associated construction costs.
  • Remember, cash is still king. Negotiating bathroom remodeling prices is easiest if you can offer to pay in cash. Contractors have grown more and wearier of homeowners who are depending on credit approval to get a job done. If they know they’ll get payment immediately, you could knock off five, 10, even 20 percent from your total cost.
  • Ask for extras. Can’t get the contractor to budge on the price? Try asking for upgrades and throw-ins at no additional cost. Higher quality materials and extra services are not out of the question when you already have a deal in place. For example, if the contractor is installing walk in bathtubs in your home, ask for complementary grab rails and anti-skid flooring upgrades.
  • Stand your ground. At the end of the day, it’s your home, and your wallet. If you feel like a price is fair, be firm and assertive, and don’t let yourself sway if something truly isn’t going to be a satisfying deal on your end.

If you’re ready to start on some budget friendly bathroom renovations, our products can help. Our contractors can talk you through our line of affordable bathroom systems; just call us for a free quote of our bathroom remodeling prices.