Bathtub Remodeling

Bathtub RemodelingIf your bathroom is beginning to look dull or outdated, bathtub remodeling is a simple – and cost-effective – way to make it feel fresh again. Your worn-out bathtubs get a much needed “face lift”; in turn, the entire room looks newer and more vivacious.

No matter what condition your old tubs are in, our bath remodeling services can make them look attractive again. With the addition of a thin-yet-durable acrylic insert, even the oldest, most flawed tub can be restored to showroom quality!

  • Heavy calcium deposits, built-up grime, and even recurring mold can be concealed underneath a pristine veneer.
  • Cracked tiles can be easily smoothed over. Our resilient, chip-proof tub liners look just like porcelain or tile – but without the high-maintenance grout.
  • Impractical fixtures can benefit from a simple tub redesign, with the addition of built-in convenience accessories or a more convenient entry.

Unlike other types of tub repair, our liners provide permanent results. You’re not left tiptoeing around hoping not to damage a fragile surface; even after years of use, our acrylic bath liners look as smooth and glossy as they did the day they were installed.

Our team also offers bathtub remodeling for too-small or too-slippery tubs. With a slightly more extensive bath renovation, we’re able to replace your old fixtures with ones that are better suited for you and your family. Our tub to shower conversions and handicap bathtubs are ideal for homeowners who want to make their space just a bit more easily accessible, without renovating the bathroom in its entirety.

Whether you prefer bathtubs with clean, simple lines and sleek color palettes, or gently contoured tubs with marbled finishes, we’ll help you design perfectly remodeled bathtubs for your home. In most cases, our licensed contractors will be able to install them in just one to two days.

Our bathtub remodeling team can get you started with a free, no-commitment quote whenever you’re ready to look into your tub repair options. Just fill out the form at the left, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible!